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YouTuber Gabi DeMartino allegedly sells inappropriate childhood video on OnlyFans

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OnlyFans to block sexually explicit conduct

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It's a smart way to live life sometimes.

  • The company has been praised for giving sex workers a safer place to do their jobs.

  • It seems the toddler's outfit was a bit revealing, so Kim photoshopped in some lovely heart-shaped pasties to cover the child's exposed chest.

  • But over the last year, she noticed the company shifting its focus away from sex work and more toward other types of online creators, aping a similar move at the company Patreon.

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  • A recent selfie Abraham shared on Instagram of 7-year-old Sophia clad in a bikini for an Orlando photo shoot has caused many to question if she's fit to be a parent.

  • DeMartino issued an apology and explanation shortly after the heat rolled in.

  • That popularity also brought with it additional scrutiny, and OnlyFans is positioning itself more as a forum for musicians, fitness instructors and chefs than sex workers.