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Sexy shameless debbie Debbie's 'Shameless'

Top 25 'Shameless' episodes

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Sexy shameless debbie 16

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Top 25 'Shameless' episodes

Sexy shameless debbie Debbie's 'Shameless'

Sexy shameless debbie Debbie Gallagher

Once she's a mother, she feels the need to prove herself, to feel worthy and sophisticated, and to step into Fiona's place as the matriarch of the household.

  • And with the right clothing, her thin figure is morphed into a curvy one.

  • A lot of the characters in the show aren't attractive.

  • When Lip came home from college and immediately went for a quick hookup with Mandy, everyone saw the ugly side of Lip's charm and way with women.

Her eyes twinkle, her mouth is seductive and she knows how to work it in front of the camera.

  • Fiona tries to persuade her to have an abortion, but Debbie is defiant.

  • She is the daughter of Gillian Kenney, who works as a criminal defense , and Kevin Kenney, a sports writer working for Fox Sports.

  • At least she can walk down the street without getting recognized.