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There are also a few Sullisin'rune who despite the fact that they were defeated in battle by the Sharen and officially became pacifists.

  • Mal is mostly purple with some black and green, Evie is blue with some red, Jay is red with some yellow, and Carlos is black, white, and red.

  • At no point does it occur to him that this is any reason to stop wearing battered Watch-issue chainmail, breastplate, and helmet.

  • This leads to a lot of thugs thinking he's looking for a fight and getting a for their troubles.

Also, completing Boone's companion quest grants him a unique military armor with the colors of the New California Republic, which he'll wear regardless of the faction the player joins.

  • They can do whatever they want, of course; I just want to know what they're thinking.

  • Sumaiya is jealous because he has sex with other sexworkers in the brothel.

  • Pakhi, 15, with a customer in her room in the Kandapara brothel.