A simple diagram showing the ability of rainbow tables when cracking Windows passwords.
Bouncee.net: my commercial VPN service.
Hashtabula: a hashtable-based password cracking system written in Java. Proving that the term "one-way hash function" is a misnomer.
Threat-Sieve: a log analysis tool which identifies malicious activity in any log format. Pipe your logs to this; you'll be amazed at what you've overlooked.
IPv6 version of this website: v6.nick-brown.com. IPv6 is not coming; it's here! (If you don't have an IPv6 address yet, get a free, tunneled v6 address from gogo6.)
[coming soon] ReliSecure web monitoring: a service which monitors your web sites for reliability and security problems
[coming soon] Relaborate: a text-only wiki written in Ruby. Runs on the Google App Engine cloud-computing environment.
Click here to give me control of your computer (preconfigured reverse VNC client, works despite NAT and DHCP). Mom, this is the one you click on.